As important as rifle scope covers are to hunters, sometimes it can feel like they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Any avid hunter knows that shots at game can happen quickly, and all it takes is a moment of hesitation to miss the perfect opportunity to take down the perfect trophy buck. Even if you have a good flip-up scope cover on your rifle, you could fumble with it for just a second and miss your shot.

Fortunately, Shoot-Thru Scope Covers has the ideal solution for hunters everywhere. While flip-up scope covers are still good for protecting your scope from the elements during a hunting trip, we believe that you can protect your scope while still having full access to your scope at all times. Shoot-Thru Scope Covers are made from optical grade polycarbonate lenses that give you a crystal-clear view through your scope while keeping the scope cover in place. Your rifle scope will be protected even when you are preparing to make a shot.

Shoot-Thru Scope Covers are very easy to use and will fit most rifle scopes. They are also inexpensive and perfectly clear, negating the need for traditional flip-up scope covers. Shoot-Thru Scope Covers also feature a patent-pending design that features interchangeable lenses, something that is unique to the Shoot-Thru brand.

When it comes to hunting, we know that seconds count, and that a moment’s hesitation can mean the difference between going home with a big trophy buck and going home empty-handed. It’s important to keep your rifle scope protected with a good scope cover, so why not choose a cover that will protect your scope from the elements without blocking your shot? Take a look at our crystal-clear Shoot-Thru Scope Covers and see how it will improve your next hunting trip.