I have been asked why some scope models are not listed in the SIZE CHART.

The theory of determining the fit of Shoot-Thru Scope Covers is simple and effective. This was done to minimize cost and simplifying the process of finding the right scope cover. This sizing method can accommodate better than 85% of the scopes used today by fitting a “family” of scope sizes.

This is possible due to the design; there is an inside 60% taper that keeps the cover centered on the scope. The inside diameter of the covers has a variance of .15 inches. (For example size “G” tapers from 1.75-1.9 inches). To ensure a nice fit and adhere to good cosmetic appearance scopes that appear in the FIT CHART are no less than .075 inches smaller than the cover. (Size “G” lists known scopes that are 1.83-1.9 inches).

All is not lost, the use of two-sided Velcro strip can be wrapped around a scopes bell to take up space and promote a snug fit. A very snug fit can be obtained and therefore a tighter seal. I have found that the elastic cords still should be used since recoil can jar the covers off the scope. Scope manufactures take note, Shoot-Thru can be great choice for OEM accessory, contact us for details.