I had a goal of having as many of the new model scopes included in the current Size Chart. Although many new entries are added the list is not complete, many manufactures will not supply the needed data to determine proper scope cover fit. Therefore that scope will not be included in my charts. If that is your scope please remind that manufacture the inconvenience they created.

Another reason certain models of scopes are not listed is that my scope covers will not fit every scope combination. Although the covers will fit, I strive to promote the best cosmetic appearance.

New for 2014 is the addition of binocular combinations that the Shoot-Thru  fits very well.

Shoot-Thru on 10X42

One clear advantage is the ability to protect the glass and have full access to te binos at the same time. Lens covers supplied with binoculars usually never make it on a hunting trip being that they neither cover the lenses well and are cumbersome to use. Shoot-Thru can solve that problem, the fit chart list the current models I feel you will be satisfied with the results.