A Product review conducted by Queens of Camo

Shoot-Thru Scope Covers are clear, optical quality polycarbonate lenses that slip over both ends of your rifle scope and provide essentially the same protection as a flip-up cover, while at the same time allowing crystal-clear view through the scope when needed. The kit comes with three sets of lenses, covers for each end of the scope, elastic cord to attach the two ends, and a Velcro strip to wrap around the scope to hold the elastic cord and keep the covers with the gun. The lenses are easily changeable and come in clear, gray, and yellow in order to customize to meet the needs of each shooting condition. The cost of the kit on their website (www.shoot-thru.com) is a very reasonable $9.95. Replacement clear lenses are $1.50; yellow lenses are $3.95. Covers and lenses come in a variety of sizes to fit nearly every scope; the website has a chart to help you choose the right one.

Assembly of the system was quick and simple. I was very impressed by the clarity of the lens covers. They are so clear that I couldn’t even tell they were in place. Target acquisition was immediate. Under normal shooting conditions, there was no glare. If removing the covers is desired, this is very easily accomplished as the fit on the scope ends is not tight.

After using Shoot-Thru Scope Covers, I will not go back to using the flip up style. I’m thrilled to no longer worry about missing a possible shot opportunity because I forgot to flip my scope cover.