About the National Rifle Association
Even if you’re not a member, as a gun enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the NRA, also known as the National Rifle Association. It is an established organization and it was first founded in 1871 by Colonel William Church and General George Wingate in New York.
Still going strong, there is an estimated 4.3 million members throughout the United States. There is a National organization and each state, including Colorado, has its own chapter. Colorado’s chapter of the NRA has multiple contacts throughout the state. The organization does a lot of political based work to keep gun ownership rights intact and also offers member-only events throughout the year.
Lifetime memberships are available for hardcore enthusiasts and to try it out, membership for one year starts at just $40. With an estimated 42% of American households claiming to own a gun, chances are the NRA will continue to be the strong organization it has always been.
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Facts, stats and information taken from NRA website. You can out more information at https://home.nra.org/
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