Some people like collecting stamps, some like tiny spoons from vacation spots and now a growing number of people are collecting guns and rifles. With the wide variety of brands, models and upgrades the world of gun collecting can be an exciting hobby, albeit an expensive one.

The average gun enthusiast now owns about 8 separate pieces according to an article published last year in The Washington Post. Why so many?

Each gun and each brand has its own attributes and proper uses. The rifle that’s fun at the range may not be the best one to go hunting with and so on.

Most gun collections start off slowly. The first gun is typically just something to have around. The first one may have been bought as a personal protection piece or something to take to the range without having to rent one.

The first actual rifle may be a cheaper kind just to try it out and because rifles can be expensive, most people buy on price to begin with. Always remember that a rifle is like most things, you get what you pay for and that cheap price isn’t so sweet when it keeps jamming or functioning poorly.

Some collections grow depending on use of the gun. For those whose job depends on having a gun such as law enforcement or the military, they are issued guns and/or rifles but these don’t count as a personal collection so those gun owners often opt for different kinds other than what they are issued. Variety is the spice of life.

As the enthusiast grows older and more established in life the world of better quality opens up, not to mention all the accessories that can come with customized rifles and guns. Thus the collection grows.

Some “gun guys” will opt to sell back some of their older guns to a certified reseller but more often than not they will all be kept.

Then comes the ammo. If you’re going to own all those guns, you may as well have plenty of ammunition so you’re not short the next time you go hunting or go to the range. All these guns and all this ammo can influence gun enthusiasts to learn reloading (check out future blog posts for more on this!)

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