I discovered a great way to protect the lenses on binoculars and still have them ready to view any object or terrain that be hiding the game I seek.  Anyone that has spent time using binoculars will testify that the factory covers are less than desirable.  For starters time and unnecessary movement is required to remove the lens coverings.  When still-hunting, time is of essence.  A hunter needs to be able to spot game before it sees you and often the time to ready glass is slow and awkward.


 Another draw back I have noticed that the covers have a bad habit of coming off and then your lenses are subject to dust, moisture and debris.  I have had this happen many times especially when crawling close in an effort to get a shot.  The end result is the lenses are now dirty and sometimes scratched.  You risk the chance of scratching your lenses when trying to clear unwanted material from the lenses; ideal cleaning conditions seldom exist in the woods.

 Shoot-Thru on 10X42

I installed the Shoot-Thru scope covers on my Swarovski 7X42 binoculars.    The lens covers offer a clear polycarbonate lens that does not inhibit viewing under most viewing opportunities, looking into flat light does increase glair and should be removed. The lens covers fit very snug and keeps all moisture and dust away from the expensive glass.  I encountered rain a spring turkey hunt.  I kept the covers on the entire trip and was able to keep my binoculars lenses clean.  I had no problem glassing for birds with the lens covers in place.  Another plus is Shoot-Thru system has removable lenses so was able to easily clean them later at night if needed.