Engineered Outdoor Products, LLC is the manufacturer of Shoot-Thru™ Scope Covers. We are a majority Women Owned Business with extensive knowledge of hunting, manufacturing, defense, and construction industries.

Shoot-Thru™ Scope Covers are 100% Made in America. Our manufacturing facility is located in Northern Colorado is the middle of world class elk, deer, and goose hunting country.

Shoot-Thru™ Scope Covers was created in fall of 2010 to solve the problem of protecting the lenses of a rifle scope and providing scope covers that are optically clear so that the shooter can keep them in place and still gain full access to their scope. They’ve since been adapted by binocular owners to protect binocular lenses while allowing crystal clear viewing without removing lens caps.

Shoot-Thru is the only scope cover on the market with the ability to change the lenses, so one can replace worn out protectors, or change the color of the lenses to match different conditions you may encounters in the field.

With and Without Cover

shoot thru lens types

flip up scope cover