Like most great inventions, Shoot Thru scope covers were born out of necessity.

While owner and founder Denny McDaniel was elk hunting in Colorado during a snow storm, he noticed that he was having difficulties keeping my scope ready to use. As any hunter will tell you, clear vision through your rifle scope is essential in catching that perfect opportunity and making the shot.

Denny was hunting timber. For those new to hunting, timber refers to the hunter slowing his or her pace way down in order to familiarize with and study the surrounding area. Hunters use this technique as a way to spot game, ready themselves to hit the target all before the game notices the hunter.

Because of the snow storm, Denny found that the snow kept building up in the lenses due to the fact that the scope covers has been removed. Obviously this made viewing difficult. Continually, Denny found himself stopping to clean the snow from the lenses and eventually he put the scope covers back on.

Shortly after putting the scope cover back on Denny found the elk he was hunting for! However, needing to remove the scope cover prevented him from taking aim and claiming his prize. So disappointed that he was so close to his prize but unable to take his shot because of the need to remove the cover, Denny went searching for scope cover product to help him. “I was very close to my game and was not able to make a shot,” Denny says.

However, he was unable to find such a product even though he knew other hunters must have a similar issue. “This inspired me to invent Shoot-Thru,” Denny says. “I have been waiting a long time for someone to build a good scope cover, since that did not happen I undertook the task.” And thus Shoot-Thru scope covers was created to help hunters in all weather conditions.

When designing Shoot-Thru scope covers, Denny had a few priorities in mind. First, the product is 100% American-made and it was important to him to show his patriotism in his packaging. “The American flag is the inspiration in the color scheme used in the packaging,” Denny says.

Another goal for Denny and his Shoot-Thru scope covers was to work with a manufacturer who was not just US-based but also specialized. He made sure to pick a partner who was also a gun enthusiast. “It is easier to create a product intended for the shooting market when working with others that share the same passion,” Denny says. Aside from sharing a common passion, it is easier to work with fellow ‘gun people’ especially when applying for financing and obtaining product insurance policies, not to mention staying safe and holding high production standards.

Owner and inventor Denny McDaniels is proud and excited to share his Shoot-Thru scope cover product with his fellow hunter and gun enthusiasts because when waiting for that perfect game shot, every second counts.

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