The Shoot-Thru Scope Cover system had one goal in mind; create a scope cover that the shooter can clearly see through.  The ability to have a set of scope covers that can protect your scope and not interfere with a shot seems simple, yet other covers that claim to be see through are kind of, that is if the shooter does not mind a dull or distorted sight picture.


I recently visited the range to test several hunting loads.  I am interested in accuracy and if there is any major difference in points of impact from shooting three different 150 grain bullets.  The test rifle is a Kimber Montana chambered in 270 WSM. scoped with a   Leupold VX-III 2.5-8X that is covered with Shoot-Thru set “DE”.  The photo of my target shows a nice group, my sight picture was in no way compromised.  .277_150gr_partit.