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Shoot-Thru Scope Covers™

Your are hiking through the woods, when suddenly you see a giant buck standing in the trees 25 yards from you. You bring your rifle up and fumble with your flip-up scope covers. In that split second the buck dashes off!

Sound familiar? Quality hunting shots often happen quickly. Shoot-Thru knows your scope can be protected from the elements and still allow sighting at the same time. We use high grade optical polycarbonate lenses so your veiw through the scope is crystal clear. Shoot-Thru Scope Covers remain in place, so when the opportunity arises you can "make the shot when seconds count".

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"The lenses are clearer than the ones that came with my scope originally. I think I mentioned that the original covers must've gotten stripped off when I was going thru some thick stuff tracking a whitetail blood trail last season. Since the manufacturer of the scope does not make replacement scope covers that came with the scope when I bought it, your product is better than the original equipment and perfect for me."
John, Montana

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Made in America

Shoot-Thru Scope Covers are designed to fit a variety of similar sized scopes. Inside the cover there is a 60° taper to center on the scope and promote a good seal. Best fit is obtained when the scope fills most of the cover.
Click here for our Scope Size Chart containing size details.

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New Lens Covers

Protect you lens with a Shoot-Thru ™ scope lens cover. Measure your scope and select the size that fits your needs.

Replacement Lenses

Always be prepared with Shoot-Thru ™ Replacement lens. Replace worn out lens to keep your scope in peak condiditon.


No matter what condition you may encounter in the field, Shoot-Thru ™ has the right accessories for the occasion.

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Shoot-Thru™ Scope Covers was created in fall of 2010 to solve the problem of protecting the lenses of a rifle scope and providing scope covers that are optically clear so that the shooter can keep them in place and still gain full access to their scope. They’ve since been adapted by binocular owners to protect binocular lenses while allowing crystal clear viewing without removing lens caps.